GPz stuff still available

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Thu Apr 16 20:46:03 PDT 2009


I'm confused by this.  I have a Muzzy also and it follows the same 
contours as the stock left can.  I am using the OEM Euro mounts and 36L 
Givi's with no clearance problems what so ever.  What is different about 
your that the 5 Stars won't work?

Charles S.

Paul Heim wrote:
> I'm basically happy with my Muzzy system except for the noise and the 
> fact that the 5 Stars Givi mount rig I bought from Matt won't fit with 
> it.  It's either stock exhaust or modify the Muzzy pipe to pivot the can 
> downward if I want hard bagz...

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