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a 3 dollar  inline fuel shut off   valve is also  some cheap insurance 

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Ask away! Stickers...try a blow dryer or heat gun. Just take your time pulling. 
This is the best group of guys around for that and fun to ride with. Trust me, I bought a '95 a few years ago
and hooked up here. Even after some of us move on to different bikes our memories of the sure footed GPz don't fade.

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Hi all. A year ago I didn't even know that Kawasaki made a GPZ in the 90s. I was looking for a replacement for my threadbare 84 Ninja 900. Something a little comfier with more low end grunt and the ZX14 was not in the budget. I spent a year looking for a low mileage Connie but the few I found were way overpriced. 
I saw a month old  ad in a local weekly swap and sell it guide for a 95 GPZ with 4k on it. I spent a couple days searching the web and found and a handful of other sites. That weekend I went and saw the bike and was blown away by the condition of the bike. It looked like a brand new bike, other than a couple of silly Superman stickers (any tips on removing stickers?)
The guy had been listing it locally for a month and hadn't had any takers. I bought it for $2000.00.
Compared to most of you guys on the list I am a casual rider at best but I put about 6000 miles on her last year just as she was. This year I plan on some upgrades, I already picked up some gen mars and a stage 1 dynojet kit, and have a zero gravity sport touring windscreen on its way.
I'll probably be driving you all nuts with NewB questions in the near future, but hey you let me join ;P



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