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Steve Thompson steve at
Mon Apr 27 11:51:24 PDT 2009

Hi GPz List,

I'm new to the list.  I spent quite a bit of time on the Micapeak XJ-Owners 
list a couple yrs ago when I had my '81 Seca 750.  

The original and early GPz bikes came out when I was in high school and I 
wanted one like you wouldn't believe.  I finally was able to afford one at 
age 19 and I got an '81 GPz 550.  I moved on to an '83 GPz 750 a couple yrs 
later, got rid of it when times were tough, and have missed them ever 

I've been passively looking for a nice '81-'84 GPz for about 5 yrs now.  Of 
course, they're getting tough to find in good condition and still "stock" 
looking.  I came across one locally last week and it rekindled my interest. 
 I'm now looking nationwide for one for sale ... preferably a 750 or 1100. 
(If you know of a nice, clean one from this era that's for sale, let me 
know).  If I can find what I want for a reasonable price, I will soon be a 
GPz owner again ... and will have a lot of questions for you folks I'm 

How much of a representation here on the list does the early stuff 
('81-'85) have?

Steve T.
Gilbert, Arizona

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