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Welcome Keith,
     You will enjoy your GPZ. The Superman stickers applied by the PO were 
an obvious attempt to try and make his red '95 as fast as the black '96. His 
disappointment was reflected in the low sale price. But it's OK, I know 
there was no way you could have known.  ;^)
     GenMars are a great improvement. If you see a set of Dave Daniels Super 
Bar Risers Extraordinaire for sale by a lister, snatch them up. They are as 
much of an improvement over GenMars as the Genmars are over stock.
     The Zero Gravity Sport touring screen is pretty good. Eventhough it 
directs more wind at your helmet, it is very smooth, without buffeting and 
quite tolerable.
     If you plan on installing the DynoJet kit yourself, DO NOT use the 
diaphragm springs supplied in the kit. Reinstall the stock ones. Using the 
kit supplied springs will give you an incurable off-idle stumble until you 
put the stock ones back in.
     Ask anything you want about the GPZ. Those here have tried everything 
at least once (that's all it took was once using the Gunk Engine Flush, 
wasn't it Dave?).

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'08 KLR 650
'08 Tuono Factory
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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Hi all. A year ago I didn't even know that Kawasaki made a GPZ in the 90s. I 
was looking for a replacement for my threadbare 84 Ninja 900. Something a 
little comfier with more low end grunt and the ZX14 was not in the budget. I 
spent a year looking for a low mileage Connie but the few I found were way 
I saw a month old ad in a local weekly swap and sell it guide for a 95 GPZ 
with 4k on it. I spent a couple days searching the web and found and a handful of other sites. That weekend I went 
and saw the bike and was blown away by the condition of the bike. It looked 
like a brand new bike, other than a couple of silly Superman stickers (any 
tips on removing stickers?)
The guy had been listing it locally for a month and hadn't had any takers. I 
bought it for $2000.00.
Compared to most of you guys on the list I am a casual rider at best but I 
put about 6000 miles on her last year just as she was. This year I plan on 
some upgrades, I already picked up some gen mars and a stage 1 dynojet kit, 
and have a zero gravity sport touring windscreen on its way.
I'll probably be driving you all nuts with NewB questions in the near 
future, but hey you let me join ;P

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