Newb Intro

William K. Denton wkdenton at
Tue Apr 28 07:11:34 PDT 2009

   Good luck in your search. The moment you find one and get it home from Maine
   or Florida, one will invariably show up for sale across twon from you.
   One  of  my  riding  buddies  is  an original owner of an '84 GPz1100.
   Unfortunately (for you) he's not interested in selling it.
   Bill in Yardley, PA
   wkdenton at
   I've been passively looking for a nice '81-'84 GPz for about 5 yrs now. Of
   course, they're getting tough to find in good condition and still "stock"
   looking. I came across one locally last week and it rekindled my interest.
   I'm now looking nationwide for one for sale ... preferably a 750 or 1100.

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