yellow 'un on FleaBay

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Thu Apr 30 19:56:04 PDT 2009

It's an okay looking bike but:

'95-'96 GPz's were never that color.  Despite Dave's comment, I kinda like 

What exhaust system is that?  It's not a Muzzy and all the others I know of 
put the can on the right-hand side.

Windshield is not stock.

Lowers are not there?  This bike was dumped, probably hard enough to make 
lowers non-salvageable.  Then again, if he has the lowers, this might be a 
good deal.

Paul in Ohio

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> Anyone know anything about this bike 
> <>? 
> Seller has no history (as a seller), and the bike is a rare shade of 
> yellow.  I know GpZs in this color existed, but I  didn't think they made 
> it to the U.S.   Seems a bit sketchy.
> Drew

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