Steven Bixby steven at bixbys.net
Thu Aug 6 16:34:49 PDT 2009

>    It's a great tool but I still carry maps as the quality of the GPS maps when zoomed out are pathetic, and at certain zoom levels don't even give some of the major town names.
>       Pete S

Which unit are you using for GPS, then?

I thought of one other aspect against mounting the PRE, today; without
your cell carrier's high-speed network available (ie, Sprint's EVDO),
the PRE doesn't help much.  I had both my Zumo and PRE on a 4-day
runaround a couple weeks ago, and about 80% of the time all I had was
roaming barebones cell access - ie, voice and SMS - or none at all.

Of course, the Zumo works everywhere.  One really nice thing about the
PRE for mapping is the Google Maps part - you get almost all the
effect of the regular Google Maps site, but in compact display form
for easier mobile UI.  All the mapping detail and satellite view stuff
is there, plus it uses the GPS location services to pinpoint where you
are.  Not quite as good as a full paper map for getting situated, but
better than Zumo's relatively primitive mapping display (which is of
course, all built-in to the Zumo).

Also, the Sprint PRE's come with Sprint Navigation, which is more GPS
oriented than Google's version, but with similar quality map views.
It even does the pretty 3D view for navigation.  It doesn't show
speeds, trip-meter, altitude, etc, but as a navigator, not bad at all.

Again, both PRE-based navigation programs are contingent on having the
high-speed networking available  (or high-speed roaming privileges on
others' networks).

Ok, sorry for going off-track.  I'm gearing up to do software
development for the PRE, mostly hobby-type stuff, but in general I've
been really excited by the PRE, a very cool unit... and not under
iPhone/AT&T's giant THUMB.  :)

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