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Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Thu Aug 6 22:53:58 PDT 2009

Hey Jim..

That is soooo true..  2 days of non-stop rain would only just barely help
with the mess of fires we have burning in BC.  The other day they reported
2,200 active fires.  Most are not a threat to people or property but still a
big concern.
The smoke here in Kelowna has be as thick as fog, can't keep anything clean,
ash falling on everything.  Looks like snow coming down some times.  The
mountains get lost in it.  Today was a much better day actually saw blue

I took the GPz out last Sunday morning. 400 km's..  Kelowna - Penticton -
Keromeos - Osyoos - Rock Creek - Kelowna.  Almost 400 km in 4 hours..  I was
just having fun putting on the miles through some of my most favourite
twisty sections.  As far as I went, I never got out from under the smoke.
Now I never left the valley either but even up on the high passes, the smoke
only thinned at best.. 

Really looking forward to clear skies again..  

My Uncle in Peterborough ON has had more than he can take of the cold wet
summer.  He uses much more colourful language to describe it..   ;-D

Just Weird all over.. 
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net

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When I sat down to answer you another T storm came ripping through.  I had
to get up and close everything and watch lawn furniture fly.  I will admit I
don't like the hot sticky Ontario summers but I would like to get a more
than one day in a row without rain.  I lived in the lower mainland in the
early '70's for 5 years and it was drier than this. NEithe rone of us can
ride in this weather.
I'm damn sure you would would trade weather for a few weeks just to put out
the fires.


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