If I sell (to get a yesteryear superbike)

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 8 14:12:05 PDT 2009

Speaking of Vrod's, I was cruising around yesterday and went past F&S Harley Davidson in Dayton, which is the largest Harley dealer in Ohio. I swung in and parked the GPZ right up front where they could see it and proudly got off and walked in. Really nice folks. Didn't care one bit what I rode. Anyway, I sat on a couple Vrod's and man, they really feel nice to sit on. Wouldn't mind having one some day.

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Funny discussion.  Believe or not my best friend actually Vintage raced an XS650 and wiped my butt once in awhile as I was riding a 76 Honda 750F, that was, a bit modified (CB1100F swingarm, GSRX1000 front end, etc.).  Nowadays I like my Vrod and the GPZ mostly but if I want something to really keep my attention the CBR600RR does that just fine!

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> Jim,
> EVERYONE, it seems, used to have an XS650.  I get waved at and horn beeped 
> at every time I go out on mine, as I still have my 78E 
> http://wdenton0507.angelfire.com/yam_XS650.html .  Notice the invisible 
> front brake caliper. <g>  I drove this one home from Milwaukee, WI about 11 
> years ago.  Most people think I have issues when I tell them that, until I 
> tell them that I also drove an '82 XV920RJ home from Twisp, WA, which is 
> about as far away from Yardley, PA as you can get w/o leaving the country or 
> going to AK.  Then , they're SURE that I have issues!
> Bill Denton
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> > I had a 1976 XS650.  It kept me from smoking.  After 100 miles non stop I 
> > had no feeling left in my fingers. 

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