wobbly frame?

Alan Nicholls metrogtiguy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 11:34:35 PDT 2009

Well, I went out cruising Woodward last night(Dream Cruise week!!!, (
http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/ for you that don't know about the
biggest custom/classic car cruise in the world), and I saw my neighbor
parked.  I had always seen him around, but never met the guy.  He has a
white fuel injected GSXR1000.  It's lowered, stretched, bored out, power
commander III, headwork, etc.  It's built for drag racing.  We were cruising
back up 8 mile at about 2am, and he wanted to play, so we did.  The GPZ gets
BIG props!  It had enough power to walk away from the GSXR.  I really didn't
think it would!  This bike has some TORQUE!  I'm sure the jet kit and Micron
exhaust help :).  Oh, and I'm averaging 48mpg now with the mods, I was only
getting 39 before :D.  Anyways, when we reached a certain un-mentioned
speed, my front end seemed to want to wander a little bit.  I'm assuming
that means the forks were flexing, since they're so long on this bike.
 There's a fork brace link on the gpzlist site, but, like most of the things
on there, it's no longer available.  Anyone know of a fork brace that's
still made or available for our bikes?

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