backrest options?

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Yes, it's a cute little bag and useful. I should warn you that it gets a
really good dirty spray off the back wheel. It's fairly weatherproof for
a short while, but make sure you carry some good quality zip lock bags
for anything you need to keep dry. 
One other thing. As it's so easy to have someone just detach the whole
thing and waltz off with it, I burned two 1/4" holes through the back of
the bag (the synthetic doesn't fray then) and use a "U" bolt (the
rounded part is covered with heat shrink tubing) around the horizontal
tube on the short Ventura frame. 
The screwed ends are fed through the holes to the inside of the bag.
Inside the bag the flat plate from the "U" bolt and two wing nuts secure
the bag in place and a small combination lock is used through the holes
in the zippers. 
Not enough to thwart a determined thief, but enough to stop a casual
Art on TO
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I was impressed by the simplicity of the system. I also like the little
sport bag you can use with the short sport bar or everyday commuting.

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They (Ventura) state that it isn't intended to be a backrest. However, a
friend with a Yamaha has fitted a foam pad and his girlfriend uses it as
such with no problems. I also have a Ventura system and consider it
pretty robust.

Art inTO

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I didn't get the impression from the videos that it was intended for a
backrest. But it's a pretty slick bag configuration.

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Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 5:23 PM also has them for a bit cheaper FYI. I'm still
mulling it
over. Doesn't look like much of a backrest... pretty vertical and hollow
between the posts

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>   Looks like here's where you need to go to purchase in the U. S. :

> Jeff
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