Steering head bearings - question

john leonard jlmdx at
Sat Aug 22 08:45:36 PDT 2009

Thanks all for the advice.  I put my bike on the center stand this morning, raised the front-end and wasn't able to detect any play when pulling/pushing the forks at their lowest point.

I still want to get some grease in there as you guys mentioned.  And yes, I have service manual, but it's gone missing - the hunt is now on.

Pete: The spanner wrench under my seat doesn't appear to  fit the steering head rings.  The notch is too small for the spanner's tooth.  I'm looking at some variable ones on ebay.

Best all, john

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> Pete,
> Although it would be by a miniscule amount, I think the reason for loosening 
> the bottom clamp and not the top one is so you don't change the trail by 
> having the tubes move upwards through the top clamp during steering head 
> adjustment(s).
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>  If theres enough room and there usually is you can loosen the top triple 
> tree instead of the bottom as it's easier to get at.

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