Steering head bearings - question

Steven Bixby steven at
Mon Aug 24 10:59:34 PDT 2009

Hey, y'all, isn't that spanner for the shock pre-load?    I haven't 
actually messed with my shock (or my toolkit, either!), so I might be 
thinking of the wrong thing, but all the bikes' toolkits I've seen with 
those type of spanners were for the shock pre-load adjuster.

My wife's Bandit 1250 has one, although it has a flat platform-like 
appendage that lays on the body of the shock for support, I doubt that 
would be useful at all for the head bearings.

My other bike uses a remote hydraulic adjuster, none of this fiddly 
spanner crap. :)

1KPerDay wrote:
> So THAT's what that thingamajig is for. I thought it was some sort of
> advanced nose-picker.

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