Ventura bike rack system

George Donnelly zx11e at
Sun Aug 30 07:57:42 PDT 2009

Hey all,

I sold my GPZ three years ago (still miss i) and now I should probably sell the  Venture Rack system for the bike  that I still have.  This includes the L-brackets and the Pack-Rack.  The L brackets have been strengthened with extra reinforcement welded to the tabs that are bolted on to the bike.  Also, some small bungie cord rings have also been bolted on.  The Pack-Rack is the tall type and is stock.  The L-brackets go for $135 and Pack-Rack goes for $65 on , so I'm thinking of $60 to the list?  Let me know if you have any interest before I through (it) up on ebay.


I'll also be selling my '06 zx14 as I just relocated to Nice, France.  No need to bring that big bike over, with the narrow streets and bad traffic around here.  I'm considering a streetfighter a la used z750.  


George in Salinas, er, no, France  

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