NGPZC: Jeep trail Engineer pass CO

1KPerDay 1kperday at
Tue Dec 1 09:22:21 PST 2009

A buddy on a motorcycle forum posted this; figured some of you local guys
might know a thing or two. Feel free to reply privately if you like. Thanks
for any info.

"My mom had a awesome Idea, but there are a couple of hang ups for me. She
wants to get a family outing (Uncles and Cousins and the whole works) and
drive Engineer pass. Its a Jeep trail in the San Juan mountains in Colorado.
Almost all my family has jeeps. My sis is going to ride with a friend who
has a jeep. Here is where my dilema comes in. I dont have a Jeep, nor can I
afford to rent one for three days. I have a truck, but its a lot bigger than
a jeep. So my question is, anyone here done engineer pass? know someone who
has? I'd like to know if my truck would fit on the trail. I'm not worried
about clearance or 4x4 ability, I'm worried about lenth and width. Oh, and
my fiance is freakin about the careening to her death down the side of a
mountain. I have a 06 sierra 2500, ex cab regular (6ft) bed. By next summer
I plan on having it lifted two inches, new taller tires, and a front bumper
that doesnt suck."

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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