NGPZC: Jeep trail Engineer pass CO

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Tue Dec 1 09:45:00 PST 2009

I've done Engineer Pass in a rented jeep before.  The 
southern route from Silverton to Lake City isn't bad at 
all.  The northern route isn't bad either unless you miss 
the turn back to Silverton (like we did) and come down on 
the Ouray side which is more difficult.  We did it just 
fine, but the poor fool we passed in a heavily loaded Ford 
Explorer was f*cked.  The whole loop can be done easily in 
a day.

If the 4x4 has the proper low gearing, I can't remember 
anywhere along the trails you would get a truck stuck by 
lengh or width restrictions.

The one trail you have to stay away from near there is 
called Black Bear.  I waas warned by my friend Pete to stay 
away from that one.  It's no big deal on a motorcycle but 
is supposed to be fairly difficult in a jeep or other 4x4.

Charles S.

>A buddy on a motorcycle forum posted this; figured some of 
>you local guys might know a thing or two. Feel free to 
>reply privately if you like. Thanks for any info.
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100

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