What a difference...

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Hello Bill,

I don't know exactly what they did with the values but they billed me 4 hours for the values and 30 minutes for the carbs; I don't know what a 3-angle job even is.

The bike has only 18K on it.  I purchased it with 4K, and at that time they told me the valves were just maintained.

My mechanic told me that the values were "way off, not just a little, are you sure it was done previously?"  It was at that time when I felt that I was getting my money's worth.  After riding it for a few weeks I've seen a 50% improvement in gas milage (I was getting 25mpg) plus I have no cold riding "issues".

best, john

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> John,
> Based on the tune-up costs, I'm assuming that when you said "valve job", you 
> meant lash adjustment, not a real (3-angle) valve job, correct?
> Bill in Yardley, PA
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> a valve job and carb sync has my GPZ running as well as the injected bikes. 
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