Saddlebags on ebay

Doyle, William WDoyle at
Mon Dec 14 07:32:24 PST 2009

Thanks. Now i have to find the mounts for them. Any ideas. I have the
euro mounts for my Givi bags but have not installed them yet. Would you
know if I could use  them for my  gpz bags.

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Congrats!!  I was just curious.  I had two sets of these 
and really liked them.  I crashed on both but other listers 
repaired them and are still using them.  I currently use 
the European GPZ bags and mounts, but the mounts for your 
bags are much better than the Euro mounts although the 
Euro's use Givi bags which are nice.

Charles S.

> I did.
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> Anyone on the list win these?
> Charles
> S.

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