Comments on boots

schnowz schnowz at
Wed Dec 16 16:33:34 PST 2009

   I bought the Tour Master Solution for my son a couple of months ago but he doesn't have much mileage on them so I couldn't give a long term opinion. His first boots so he can't compare. However they look OK and seem decent made.
   I've worn Crusierworks for about 7 years. They are comfy and look like real shoes though they don't have armor. They are pretty much waterprorof only letting in a little rain where there's gear shift  wear. If they weren't too expensive i would get'em again.
 I bought vented boots a couple of years back and use them July/August.
Pete S
I'm looking into buying a new pair of riding boots for the 2010 season--with 
1/2 a meter (18") of snow on my lawn I think this season is over.
I'm looking for someting water proof (not water resistant--this is like 
buying a bullet resistant vest), comfortable to ride and walk in, reasonably 
warm, and won't break the bank as I'm retired now.
I was looking into Joe Rocket Meteor and Tour Master Solution.  Do any of 
you have experience with these?

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