Windshield lip

David Beard davidebeard at
Wed Dec 16 16:53:53 PST 2009

   I've used that exact same lip and hated it!!! Caused all sorts of buffeting
   around my helmet. My neck was more sore from trying to hold my head still
   while getting hit alternately in four different directions by the wind. Also
   didn't care for the Givi screen with the built in lip. I eventually went
   back to a Lockhart screen that allowed a clean flow of air across my helmet.
   I found this much more comfortable after riding all day long.
   Dave B
   Alan Nicholls wrote:

I was talking to one of my car guys on Teamswift, and he pointed out this to
me.  He says it adds hundreds of miles to his riding daily, and he's 6'7!


That's his bike in the pic.  He likes my black one better :D haha *ordered
one*  This should cure the horrible noise and buffeting in my helmet on the



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