Merry Christmas & a short story from Xmas about 15 years ago

The Masons masonjs at
Thu Dec 24 06:08:52 PST 2009

> Merry Christmas indeed, we're on the road northbound to see my family..
> Presents are given at christmas eve here and guess what, i've got 3 
> excited kids in the car.
> Alex

This reminds me all too well of Christmases past and the 400 km (250 mile) 5 
to 7 hour trek from Cobden ON through Algonquin Park to Penetanguishene ON 
with , a wife, 2 wired kids and a large Labrador retriever in  a 1991 Toyota 
Extra cab 4x4 pickup (UT to you Aussies).
The dog originally rode in the box that had a cap on it.  But one year at a 
pit stop 1/2 way through the park I got out and found the temperature had 
dropped to -32C (-24F).  The dog could hardly walk he was so cold.
 I wedged the nearly frozen dog (55kg (120 #) between the 2 boisterous 
children.   This had a calming influence on the rest of the drive.  The kids 
liked having the dog with them and the dog liked being among us.  Also if 
the kids tried poking or punching each other the dog thinking they were 
paying him some attention would lick them into submission.


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