Funny Chritsmas story I'd like to share

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Thu Dec 24 06:10:41 PST 2009

As many of you know I'm a service technician by trade. I go into houses and 
repair appliances. Well one day arty the end of last week I go to a house 
nearby and a man greets me at the door. He's a big man, tall and round with 
a big full white beard. I'm thinking to myself "All this man needs is the 
red suit and he could be Santa Claus." He's wearing coveralls . Leads me to 
his basement where his washer is and I began installing the part one of the 
other techs ordered. I finish up, the man offers me food and drink , which I 
decline and he gives me a pretty decent tip. I leave, and get about 15 
minutes away when the office calls me and tells me his machine stopped 
working again. I tell them I'll be back later in the day. After I finish up 
my other calls I go back to the guys house, he's still jovial and very happy 
that I came back. I find out what the problem was and fix it. then rinse the 
tub out for him twice because he added too much soap. he again offers me 
half his kitchen contents which I gracefully deny. I get home and find out 
the guy called my office and gave me a glowing compliment. I kept thinking 
"wow, this guy is really like Santa Claus" Then I looked at his last name 
for the first time "Mr. Winterson"

True story
Merry Chritsmas Everyone!

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