LSL Handlebar Riser KIt

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Sun Feb 1 09:02:23 PST 2009

 <<  Wonder how people have liked this kit after installing it? One of the
members said most didn't care for the bars that came with the kit. Probably
the bars off the ZRX1100 worked better I understand. If you have this kit
installed how do you like it and do you have the bars it came with? I
currently have GenMars but my back needs a break also. Hate to sell so I
have to get it more comfy for me.

   Les J.     96 GPZ1100>>

Lee, I have mine on with the stock bars and I love it. The ZRX bars are 
probably better like everyone says, but I honestly have no issues with the 
stock LSL bars. I've ridden pretty damned far with this kit so far and its 
all good. Michael has the ZRX bars and he can answer you with his opinion on 
those. The stock LSL's worked out fine for me and I saw no reason to change. 
I did a review for Motorcycle Cionsumer News back in October of '04 if you 
can find it or buy the digital off of their site.

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