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Mine has always behaved that way.

 Jeffrey R Markham

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Subject: Fluctuation

Hi all,

I'd like a diagnosis on weird behaviour I've noticed this week.  My temp gauge has started fluctuating slightly - maybe two widths of the needle - while I'm riding at a constant speed.  I've noticed it mostly on the freeway I take to work, but it previously doesn't move at all from the warm position, unless I'm stuck in traffic.  I'm thinking the thermostat may be sticking, but as I haven't struck this problem before I'd appreciate other people's input.  As a side note, we had a week of +40°C days two weeks ago (which made the daily commute rather uncomfortable), but the bike behaved flawlessly.  It's only this week (tops of only 30°C, and very nice riding weather) that the gauge has started acting up.  FWIW, I checked the coolant and it seems fine.

'95 GPz1100 - It's big and blue, like a whale.
Melbourne, Australia

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