Long time no ride ... a bike and a piece of advice

Paolo D'Alberto paolo.dalberto at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 15:09:52 PST 2009

Dear Black-GPZ owners (sure red's as well but no blue's) :D

I have not been accessing this list for a while. Since I went to Pittsburgh
PA in 2005.
I have not been riding much mostly commuting and I get rusted on the bike
and with the proud members of this list. Now I am in San Jose, CA.

I am here to look for anybody interested to take my GPZ96.

I have to quit. Four weeks ago, I had a slide and I had a close encounter
with the cement. The motorcycle went sliding and so did I. I broke my right
clavicle and I will be out for a while. Besides, my wife has a great excuse
to neglect my 20 years of riding experience and push me into a car.

The motorcycle has scratches but there was no real collision (frame is
intact) a friend rode it back home. Thus, the motorcycle will be a project
or a frame to cannibalize for your real bike.

If you interested we can talk separately on the other topics such as price
and pictures.

I will conclude with a piece of an advice: do not ride with a backpack. I
was doing 25 mph and fall and slide quickly happened and ended.
I was wearing my backpack with the company apple laptop. In my opinion, the
back pack was one of the major reason why I broke my clavicle or collar
bone. While on the cement sliding on my right shoulder, the back pack pulled
backwards. I have still the clear line of the backpack shoulder strip across
my pectoral and on the right side where the bone snapped. If you commute as
I did, remember to leave those items on the motorcycle and not on you.


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