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Hi Jim/All

Great find on the shop manual. I was looking for a Haynes manual and was 
advised that there was not one that included the GPZ so this is perfect. 
How comprehensive is this? Are we looking at 20-30 pages or more like 100?
On my watch list till Monday when I will bidding ;]

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At the risk of being blocked for over posting just thought I'd see if this 
interested anyone. Just spotted a genuine shop manual for 1995 GPZ1100 on 
UK EBay item no.280300168056. Oddly enough I was looking for one for ages 
and only managed to get one last week and now anotherones come up. When i 
get around to it I will have a scanning marathon, if i ever finish it i'll 
let the list know then if anyone wants the odd section i can email ( could 
make the whole thing available but not sure where we stand legally with 
that, i would have to take advice from the list moderators)


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