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A word of warning on breath deflectors. If you wear glasses as do when
riding then all the breath deflector does is direct some of the breath
behind your glasses and they fog up quicker, there is always small gap
between the deflector and your face for the breath to go through. From my
experience on the shoei I had to stop 1/2 a mile down the road and remove it
it was that bad. However its great without glasses, but I cant see the


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Hi Jim,

Loving the "Scots favorite", perfect the cheap, quick fix. ;]

I've seen a smiliar breath deflector that can be incorporated into any 
helmet @ around 15.00GBP so I may try this before purchasing another 
helmet. Will let you all know how well it works.

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To cut down on fogging,  get your hands on a Canadian full face HJC 
motorcycle helmet they come standard with a breath deflector (for 
snowmobilers).  Its an insert that looks like an oxygen mask.  It channels 

your breath to the bottom of your helmet.  The snowmobile heated visors 
no good for bikes as they are too soft and not designed to take impacts 
sand, rocks etc.  If you want a really cheap (Scots favorite) visor 
just attach a liquid proof container with a hinged lid in front of your 
(rev counter)/speedo.  Fill it with windshield washer fluid (an alcohol 
based fluid that stays liquid to -40C/F) put a small sponge in the liquid 
and when you need it open the lid wipe your visor.


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