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Mon Jan 12 16:12:55 PST 2009

If it were me, I'd just keep riding it like it is while saving up for something else. After you get another bike, then take the time to do the rebuild. You may even want to keep it afterwards and have a 2-horse stable.

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Hey guys,

I have been thinking lately about what to do with my GPZ.
As some of you may remember, I have a minor oil leak at on of the oil line
banjo bolts and have thought about rebuilding on some new cases that I got off
But so far the bike has been running pretty good and the leak is just a couple
of drops when parked.
The real problem is that I do not want to take it off the road and get the
rebuild done, way too much fun riding it and the leak hasn't caused any real
problems other than causing me to check the oil more frequently.
So here is the question - do I take it off the road and get the rebuild done
and do some other stuff to it also, like install the ZZR1200 headers and spend
$400 on slipons.
Or do I just keep riding it and sell the parts on Ebay and save for another
bike ??
At the show this weekend the wife really took a liking to a couple that were
there, as she has never really been comfortable on the bike for more than an
hour or so, she really wants a more upright seating position.
So what would you do - ride it and save for a new bike, then work on the GPZ,
or put the money into the GPZ now and wait until spring 2010 to look at
something else?
Hoping that clear ice free days are in your forecast!!

Paul in MD

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