GPZ fuel tanks

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yes they do go to the purge system, i was under the impression that they all came with that on them being as this bike was bought new here in michigan,thats why i was suprised to see just the overflow connection on the tanks he has ,i`m very interested in his tank(s) as they are much better then mine, I just don`t want to butcher up the bike removing the purge system,and was curious if anyone else has done this ,as i don`t want to create any performance issues either !!        thanks   Chris

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Chris has the Kalifornicated version of the GPZ.  His has 
the vapor canister and all that crap on it.  The regular 
tank has one overflow hose, the Kalifornicated version has 

If you're swappig tanks it would be a good time to remove 
all the California canister crap.  It doesn't help 
performance, but you'd lose some weight.  I have detailed 
instructions on how to do this.

Charles S.

>I've got a couple of used GPz tanks.  Chris Marquis is 
>looking for a good used tank.  His tank has 3 vacuum ? 
>lines in the rear  but noticed mine have only one.  Any of 
>you guy know whether my tanks can be used on his bike and 
>with what modifications?
> Jim 


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