Bar risers Gen Mar

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Wed Jan 14 06:52:41 PST 2009

     I did a little mod that I really think made a difference to me. I took
my Gen Mar risers and cut the bottom in a wedge shape. I went from 5/16 to
zero by cutting them with a hack saw. I then smoothed a couple spots with a
file till they fit good on top of the forks where they go. The 5/16 being
the part of the riser that is closest to the center of the fork. This gained
a good 3/4 in rise at the end of the bars. It makes it so the bars are not
angled down as far. 3/4 does not sound like much but I can sure notice a
difference. It a low cost way of gaining a little more comfort.

    Les J.

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