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Those bikes are on my list, well not the Morini - can't get it here in the 
states, but the Tre-K - questions on seat and also distance to dealer.
Also looking at the Triumph Tiger and wishing for the KTM 990 SMT to come to 
the states, looks like it would be damn near perfect.
Looking at adventure type bikes - seem to be the nearest to what I would 
want performance wise and riding position and still have good pillion 
Local dealer offered me a good deal on a 08 Tiger, but I have to wait and 
get through probation with the new job first.
Will keep you guys updated if any bike changes happen.

Paul in MD

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As we know the zzr1200 headers will our bikes but Rob nexus cans wont fit
those headers.

Sorry Rob the only pipes those cans fit are the Motad headers.

I've been wanting but cant afford a new bike and I've been lusting after the
Benelli Tre K or the Morini Granpasso. If I was bothered about pillion
comfort, well I'm not but the other half is, it would be Aprilla Tuono


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Hey Rob,

Thanks for the info from you and everyone else.
After thinking about it, I am just going to ride this year and save for a
new bike - now the hard part....
Triumph Tiger or BMW 1200gs or Suzuki V-Strom 1000 or Yamaha FJR - so many

As long as the GPZ is only dripping a couple of drops, should be good.
And as far as the header - it is off off a ZZR1200  4-2, that will accept
slip ons, will bolt right up to our bike.
I will let you have 1st dibs if I decide to sell it.
Thanks guys,

Paul in MD
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Hi Paul,

A question with no correct answer - buy new, keep old?

Think this comes down to a personal choice. In the past 6 months I have
spent close to £1000(GBP) on the GPZ1100(E1) I bought last summer for
£1750. Friends, parents and colleagues have all told me I should "sell the
bike, take the loss on the chin and buy a newer model". If I was one of
them I would probably be saying the same thing but I don't know, there is
something between my big blue beautiful baby and me. Perhaps it is the
knowledge of the heritage of the bike, fastest production bike (for a
short time at least), amazing pull through all the rev range or maybe it's
just because it's my first big bike but no matter the reasoning I'm still
looking to spend another £600 on downpipes and fitting to get rid of that
broken baffler.
When does the cost of motoring dictate a new motor? Never! If you love it,
the money is not a waste otherwise sell up and move on.

Have fun and take care, whether thats on your GPZ or new beast.

BTW are those headers 4-1 or 4-2? Looking for replacement downpipes for my
Nexxus cans so if they fit I would suggest getting rid of your GPZ and
letting me buy it XD

Rob Justice
System Administrator (GEMS)  - PGDS Finance
Craigforth, Stirling, SCOTLAND, FK9 4UE
Tel:          01786 405109            (81 5109)
E-mail:      robert.justice at

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Hey guys,

I have been thinking lately about what to do with my GPZ.
As some of you may remember, I have a minor oil leak at on of the oil line
banjo bolts and have thought about rebuilding on some new cases that I got
off Ebay.
But so far the bike has been running pretty good and the leak is just a
couple of drops when parked.
The real problem is that I do not want to take it off the road and get the
rebuild done, way too much fun riding it and the leak hasn't caused any
real problems other than causing me to check the oil more frequently.
So here is the question - do I take it off the road and get the rebuild
done and do some other stuff to it also, like install the ZZR1200 headers
and spend $400 on slipons.
Or do I just keep riding it and sell the parts on Ebay and save for
another bike ??
At the show this weekend the wife really took a liking to a couple that
were there, as she has never really been comfortable on the bike for more
than an hour or so, she really wants a more upright seating position.
So what would you do - ride it and save for a new bike, then work on the
GPZ, or put the money into the GPZ now and wait until spring 2010 to look
at something else?
Hoping that clear ice free days are in your forecast!!

Paul in MD


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