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schnowz schnowz at att.net
Wed Jan 28 16:45:25 PST 2009

That sucks.
      I'm not religous, but I''ll say a prayer for Earle and Ron..
      Dam'n disease is all around us, I know other listers have had family 
effected, and you always think it happens to somebody else. Coming home from 
the the Ohio GPZ bash last June I called my wife who said she'd been sick 
but didn't wanna spoil my ride, so didn't say anyhing till I was on my way 
home. Turned out to be Ovarian cancer. Although the survival rate for 
Ovarian cancer is not good, she's responding well to treatment so far, and 
has just gone back to work part time.
      The good news is that all treatments are vastly improving. Not that we 
have any breasts on the list that I'm aware of,  but breast cancer is often 
curable these days if found early - so check your wifes breast daily ;-). 
Same thing for Rectal cancer, so get checked out and make sure it's a female 
doctor - besides the obvious reason, they also have smaller fingers..

Pete S
"fingers crossed"

> Anyway, I found out last night that Earle has been
> diagnosed with throat cancer.  Please keep Earle in your
> thoughts and prayers and lets hope for a full recovery.
> Charles S.
> Durango 2009 coming 

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