Hein Gericke PSX-R Jackets

Ian Westlake ianwestlake at btopenworld.com
Wed Jan 28 23:01:38 PST 2009

Hi Bill,
Had my PSX for about 2 yrs and rate it high for the price (and I payed  
full list here in England) The sizing is quite generous and allthough  
made in the east the quality is good. Not too sure of the brands  
profile in the states but here in Europe they are a Market leader. The  
PSXR is warm with the liner in ( I still use mine for the dailly ride  
to work in winter all be it with a Hi-viz shell jacket over the top )  
The only drawback for me is the white panels get very dirty quickly  
with all the crap on our roads & on the back there is a fairly large  
"PSX-R" which looks a bit "boy racer" for me. I tried to get another  
last yr & they have been discontinued so that may explain the price.  
For a tough hard wearing basic textile jacket I'd say hard to beat at  
that price, I might even get a quote for postage to UK myself!
hope this helps
Ian Westlake 96GPZ
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On 29 Jan 2009, at 01:55, "Bill Magitz" <corbie at verizonmail.com> wrote:

> Is anybody familiar with this product.

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