Service Manual on Ebay

scapco at scapco at
Tue Jul 7 13:51:25 PDT 2009

It's not badly built, especially for the price.  It is 
branded, not made by Kawasaki, but I've had no complaints 
with it.  Not sure it's "industrial quality" but for the 
things I've used it for it's been great, plenty of power 
and good recharging times.

Charles S.

>I keep eyeballing those, myself.  If for nothing else but 
>my wife is a hardwired "green freak".  She wants things to 
>be green (in color), so I thought she'd enjoy having a 
>Kawasaki Green drill.  
>I'm guessing Kawasaki Industries doesn't make it 
>themselves - or do they?  Can you tell?  I was hesitant to 
>buy into it without having some idea of how well it's 
>built (via user reports), so I'm curious.

> scapco at wrote:
> Normally I stick with Craftsman too, but I couldn't turn 
> down a killer deal a while back on a Kawasaki 19.6v 3/8 
> drill.  Gotta stay brand loyal I guess, LOL!!

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