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Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at gmavt.net
Thu Jul 9 19:57:19 PDT 2009


I recently paid $3995 for a '96 with 4,600 original miles, amazing 
custom paint job, new tires, factory luggage, and full V&H SS2R system.  
I would have paid more, because I love the bike so much, but the reality 
is the former owner had given up on his listings because of a lack of 
interest.  I don't understand it.  These bikes are worth more than the 
bank and the market seem to indicate, but unless you find someone who 
really understands what you have, the going prices are pretty low.  I 
agree that $2500 - $3000 is probably fair.

You might make a bit more by parting out some of the extras.

Drew in VT

Jay Loeppke wrote:
> Well guys I am seriously thinks about selling my pride and joy.  I am 
> looking to get a ZG 1000, probably 95 -2000.  I just want to be out of 
> the wind more  and a little more upright.  Maybe its 
> age...............*$&^*&@$.    I also have 3 other bikes, KLR, Maxim 
> X, aprilia Scarabeo 150 scoot.  I am looking for a long range 
> tourer.   I have become very familiar around the Kaw. set up. I have 
> ridden a concours a few time and like what I felt.  Although I wish 
> they would have put this motor in the ZG, smooth.......and powerful.   
> So what is a bike like this worth?  43K,  Rubber,carbs done, valves 
> adj., chain and sprockets, fork seals, all  less than 1k ago  and  
> fresh fluid all around.   No mech. issues at all that I am aware of.  
> Looks are a 9.5 out of 10 I think, A couple of small chips right rear 
> plastic,and one on the front fender tip other wise scratch free.    
> Corbin seat along with original perfect  seat,  2 sets of risers (1 
> genmar and 1 of the custom risers by a gpz member (2" up and 1" back}, 
> one smoked low stock type windscreen. Tank bag stays home.
> What do you guys think?

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