Service Manual on Ebay

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Fri Jul 10 04:14:23 PDT 2009

Hahaha...  That comment wasn't a slam at you, Steve.  I was aimed more at 
those list members who try to answer questions but don't own a manual and go 
from vague memories of fumbling through a repair from several years ago.  I 
figure if a few more people bought the OEM manual, you and Charles won't 
have to answer so many questions!  Speaking of answer men, Mr. Lischer has 
been missing of late.  Did he move on to better rides?  Are you there, Art?

Paul in Ohio
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> ......since he won't have to wait for an inaccurate answer from the list!
> That's certainly confidence inspiring to list newbs. No "inaccurate" 
> answers here!
> Steve in Western NY
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