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Tue Jul 14 21:45:52 PDT 2009

Well Bill, I guess nobody will have to smell ya when riding behind you anymore. ;-)

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Well the GPZ is sold. A 16 year old kid in the neighborhood bought it. 17 is legal driving age in NJ so he will do the repairs and clean it all up until hes of age. His father was quite pleased with the deal and the boy was grinning ear to ear. I've seen him all over town on his very yellow moped and him and a friend of mine just souped up another moped. I told him the GPZ will smoke our friends CBR600 and when he heard the D+D exhaust it was SOLD
Next spring if I have the funds I'll be keeping my eye out for another GPZ or I may just get to like the 84 Sabre once I fix the fork seals.
Bill M
1999 Nighthawk
1984 Sabre

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