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I've never tried to adjust the balancer on the GPZ, but did it on my old '87 Connie. Made a huge difference in the vibes thru the bars. Different engine, yes, but most likely a very similar concept.

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No one has suggested that the engine balancer may be out of whack.  Purchase more whack... or adjust per the procedure in the manual.  It's easy and costs nothing but a few minutes.

Paul in Ohio
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I'm surprised we haven't heard from more folks about the "mirror" issue...
Again, I don't currently have a GPZ, but I seem to remember my '95 as
being smooth as an electric turbine.

So Pete, it looks like your kid also renamed "his" computer!  Boy, good
luck with that.  Time for him to buy his own, I think!  Lol...

And Drew's right...  in an editorial to the Burlington, VT newspaper, some
snowbird basically did a "house-swap"; same-valued homes in VT and FL; and
his TAXES DROPPED from $12k to $4k.  Ouch!!


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