out for nearly 700 km this past week

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun Jul 19 07:26:23 PDT 2009

No its finished but it's chip & tar so there are some nasty bits of loose 
gravel that are hard to see being black on black.
I did have a couple of heart stoppers.  Just past the creek/lumber mill  on 
the Peterson road there is a beautiful left hand curve that seems to be 
about 270 degrees.  I was leaned into it when a Chevy pickup pulled out of 
the bush road on the right.  I couldn't brake so I had to pass him going 
blind into the other lane.  The other was on the Rockingham Road,  I rounded 
a corner when I thought a black bear had stood up in the ditch--it was a 
dark green garbage bag blowing it the breeze, but it tightened my sphincter 
and doubled my heart rate.


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