Handlebar Raisers

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I would of thought all the roads in Switzerland would have been quiet. From
what I say today 90% of the population looked to be Verbier watching the


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A few weeks ago I got a package from fellow lister Andy Burkard who sold me
his gennmars. Today my wife asked me what I'd do to contribute to the
welfare of the household and I said: Well, I'll mount the handlebar raisers,
they've been waiting way too long in the garage. I've got doubt about
whether that was the answer she expected (looking at the lawn, the deck and
whatever else needs to be fiddled with in the house) but I got a case.
The setup seems simple as can be but I still pulled out the manual when I
could not get the bolts off the handlebars, those beasts went into tight
union with the bars. In the end it needed a dose of WD40 and off they came.
I cut the strap which fixated the brake line so I got some slack, took the
bars off, put the genmars in and everything went together almost smoothly.
I'm a bit concerned about the brake line not having any slack..at all. It's
really tight. I might ask the dealer to replace it on the next service.
As the thing was mounted I had to test it of course and went for an hour
onto the twisties (I have them in front of my door). I have the impression
that the bike handles much better with the additional centimeters on the
handlebars. At least - I sat more comfortably.
The ride took me just to the beginning of the real alps and back home,
mostly on small roads. I spent 5km on a National Road and got again
confirmed why I don't like to ride on weekends. Some moron in a Seat tried
to take over where he couldn't, no space and not enough power and stuck to
my rear afterwards. With a twist on the throttle I put a SUV as a safety
device in between the idiot and me and went back on the small roads - you
can't go fast, but you have to drive for real.

Andy, thanks again for letting me have the raisers, it's a strange world
where people get aftermarket pieces sent from the US to mount on bikes in
France but I like that world.


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