Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Wed Jul 22 07:04:26 PDT 2009

Seems since I bought this bike it has a slight surge/miss feel below 4000
rpm. I know it's a Calif model and when I checked a few plugs the color
looked closer to white than tan. It's a stock bike with no mods. I removed
the pilot jet plugs and tried opening each to 3 turns out but it really made
no difference. I have had a tough time starting the bike if I put the chock
on all the way. Seems I have to back it off alittle before it will start. In
this warm weather it will start up with no chock and when once running I
will put it on to get the rpm up till it warms up.I can even ride with the
chock on and it runs fine off or on but with the surge/miss feel. Don't know
if I should sim the needles up to richen the mixture or if maybe something
is clogged up in the low rpm circuits of the carbs. Any suggestions?

Les J

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