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Well, for one thing, your messages are saved so you can go retrieve info whenever you want it with a search function. That way we don't have to keep revisiting the tire/oil/etc. subjects over and over. Also, you can have several different subjects to look at/post to. You can have a for sale section, yada yada yada. It's this diversity that I like. Of course, the GPZ being as rare and increasingly rare as it is, there may not really be enough traffic generated to warrant a forum. Dave Beard had one going for a while and it had gotten pretty sparse. Plus, I think he got a little weary of dealing with it. But it was nice while it lasted. Considering the subject, a forum may not be a good idea, I give you that. I also admit that I like getting the emails without having to go "outside" to look for something on the subject.

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Might be there's a compromise out there. Dave, what's the part where you prefer the forum over the mailinglist?

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NO I say leave as is I hate forums resoundingly so. I never go to them It's to much a PITA . I much rather get emails. Definitely NOT the forum.

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