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The reason I suggested a forum, is because most people do pass this site up because its a mailing list.  Data is lost, hard to search, and the group will continue to dwindle because of it.  Not to mention parts swapping will be easier, data will be retained in a searchable format, and in one place.  Oh, and posting pictures won't suck :p haha

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Dave Spaulding wrote:

I've seen some forums where it will send the posting to you via E-mail, but 

usually you have to connect up to the forum to post replies.

I really don't want to see a forum split the already dwindling group into 

two camps.  The forum/wiki/interactive website is a great addition to the 

old mailing list and would let us post information more permanently and also 

post pictures and video.

The point remains, do we want to keep the GPZLIST.COM domain name as it 

expires in a week.  If we do keep it, I'd like it to point to something 

meaningful and not just the same dead HTML pages.

Dave in Des Moines


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> Might be there's a compromise out there. Dave, what's the part where you

> prefer the forum over the mailinglist?


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>> NO I say leave as is I hate forums resoundingly so. I never go to them 

>> It's

>> to much a PITA . I much rather get emails. Definitely NOT the forum.



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