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Sun Jul 26 03:43:49 PDT 2009

<<The reason I suggested a forum, is because most people do pass this site 
up because its a mailing list. Data is lost, hard to search, and the group 
will continue to dwindle because of it. Not to mention parts swapping will 
be easier, data will be retained in a searchable format, and in one place. 
Oh, and posting pictures won't suck :p haha>>

My personal .02 is that forums are  a hassle. Instead of finding email in 
your inbox you have to pull up a site then wade through a ton of crap to get 
what you want to read. I hate forums and don't use them for that reason I'd 
much rather have emails everything is there for you. where you want it.I 
have my inbox divided into subfolders, one for each list I'm on and 
everything goes where it's supposed to and is easily found.

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