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Sun Jul 26 16:30:33 PDT 2009

Is it possible to "subscribe" to threads that are posted on the forum?
That's the way does it and I get an email with the text of the
message to any thread I've subscribed to.  That way you don't have to wade
through various threads you're not interested in but you do still have to
log into the forum and browse things.  I can see both sides but agree mail
lists are becoming buggy wips.


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It should be noted that when Dave Beard set up the other GPZ forum, maybe 2
or 3 of the usual email listers ever showed up to post. That could be an
indicator of the success of a forum with this group.

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I must admit I like the e-mail setup, it is easy.  
Agreed, it has its limits and short comings and may restrict its growth.

What ever the group decides, I will go along with.  As much as I work with
technology, I am not very up on WEB based tools and options..  I have a hard
enough time keeping up with what I am suppose to know!..  ;-)

As long as it is "easy" to sign up too, log in too, and use, as group we
should be Ok.  If it is too awkward or "geeky" we may lose some of the
"faithful" and that would be a shame!.

At this point I think it would be good to maintain the GPZLIST.Com domain.
At least until it is decided what path we are going to follow.


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Hey Dave, if it were to get taken over, would you be opposed to someone
adding a proper PHPBB forum to the site?  Mailing lists are old school ;)
haha.  I am a systems administrator, and could set the site up on it's own
server out of my colocation facility.  As a co-founder and admin of, I can vouch for how much easier it is to manage a proper
forum, and how much more community you can get involved.

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 11:51 AM, David Spaulding
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> I got a notice that my GPZLIST.COM domain is going to expire August 1st.
>  I've kept the domain name, but haven't updated the content for 
> several years.  If we let the domain expire, we can still get to all 
> the content by going to so its not vital to 
> keep, but it was nice to have.  Is anyone on the list interested in 
> taking over the care and feeding of the content of the list website?  
> If not, I think I will go ahead and let the domain go.
> Dave in Des Moines

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