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Believe it or not, my '95 that I bought a couple of years ago still has the
stock tires!!!  Yeah, I know but I have other bikes as well.  They only have
3500 miles on them.  Tonight I decided to light them up for my buddies and I
kid you not, I could not hold the front tire still and burn the rear, it
just shuddered down the road which was a handfull!  The back light up, but
no matter how hard I leaned on the front brake the bike would still push.
Amazing, I look like an idiot as bringing it to red line and dumping
the clutch should just generate a lot of smoke, not so on these old tires,
the front is so hard it just pushes along.  Food for thought, and yes, I'm
getting a new set of tires as I decided to keep the red beast as I couldn't
sell it for any reasonable amount and she's a nice mount.


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ANYTHING would be better than if you're still running 10 y/o tires   ; )

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> Either would be years better than the OEM tires. (!!)

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