Gas Shortage?

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Apparently one of the Petro Can refineries in the Edmonton area suffered
damage from a lightening strike.
It took down a gas refining facility.  Not sure if it was the whole facility
or just a large portion of it.
According to today's paper that has been resolved and they are functional
again but a week behind in production.  They had to ship gas from Eastern
Canada to help fill the void this situation created.

It is a joke, we have lots of crude, but just barely enough refining
capacity and it takes NOTHING to upset that.  Big arguments about building
more, but the cost is high, and the argument is that it is not cost
effective, if what we have is not currently at capacity.  Depends on who's
camp you are in if the argument / economics / accounting / etc. is a "valid"
point of view.. 

Pretty messed up system..  I really want the electric car, solar panel to
charge it and no more dependency on all of this silliness.

Paul W. Landry
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Anyone heard of a gas shortage in Alberta Canada?  We ran into long lines
and a bunch of Petro Canada stations closed and out of gas all the way
between the US border and into Calgary.  We had dinner next to a closed
station and all the pumps were wrapped with yellow tape labelled "Out of

Charles S.
1100 miles from

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