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Mon Jun 1 14:27:20 PDT 2009

LOL!!  Yeah, I'm an Av's fan, but right now they suck big 
time.  So bad even Roy didn't want to coach them.  Between 
the Nuggets and Avs, Kronke needs to open his wallet this 

No doubt about the Red Wings dynasty, they have pushed 
Montreal off that throne.  I really am glad for Detroit and 
Michigan.  Seems the bad news just keeps on coming with the 
auto industry.  It sure seems like an opportunity for the 
right company to come in and pick up some assets and 
quality already trained workers.  Maybe revitalize Saturn 
(The owners group of dealers is trying to keep it alive) or 
start a new auto company with the cast offs from GM and 
Chrysler.  Yes, the Red Wings are good for Detroit right 
now.  Especially since you guys have been stuck with the 
Lions for so long, but I think things are looking up 
there.  I expect the Broncos to continue their tradition of 
mediocrity since Elway retired.

Charles S.

>That's why the Red Wings have the longest playoff 
>appearance streak at 18 seasons, the most stanley cups of 
>any team in the past 2 decades, and did it
>with 2 coaches.  Not only that, but the only 2 people on 
>the entire team without a cup ring, happened to play for 
>the Penguins last year :).  Conklin and Hossa.  And we 
>took them for less money, because they wanted to play for
>a real team, not a bunch of kids who think they are cup 
>material.  ;).  I plan on parading the streets of Detroit 
>in a couple more games, celebrating yet another Stanley 
>Cup win!  After all the bad news, layoffs, and companies
>going belly up around here, at least we have our Red Wings!
> On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 2:32 PM, <scapco at> 
> > Agreed, but the Red Wings still SUCK!
> >
> > Charles S.
> >
> > >Basically check the final teams rosters- count the
> > >Canadian players on each team
> > >Bet on the team with the most Canucks.
> > >The Canadians play for the cup the others only for $.
> > >
> > > Jim
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
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