Ralph, Jerry and Randy's crazy ride report

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Wed Jun 3 13:18:33 PDT 2009

Bill, I use my gps daily for work, it is a GREAT tool and one I wouldn't be without again. They screw up on occasion, but generally are an excellent tool. Btw, I'm in PA at the moment at exit 29on I78

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GPS sucks, one step away from skynet imo.  I'll take research, planning and 
a paper map any day...

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 The GPS was leading and that was a big mistake. I had the road atlas on the 
GPZ yet . I wish I had taken it. I ended up God knows where. 19, 40,11 and 
who knows what else filled our afternoon from 1PM on. we finally got on 81 
somewhere around 5:30. 

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