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You need to get into the southwest area of North Carolina to see the beautiful parts.

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Arrived home last night after another 450+ mile day. Most of it in rain. The final leg, being the approach to manhattan from New Jersey through the lincoln tunnel was treacherous and dangerous to say the least. The rain was pouring in sheets, and I actually saw a tractor trailer force a mini van into the guard rail about 200' ahead of me.Then the long wait to get into the lincoln tunnel on slick, off camber pavement with about a million cars all around did not make for a fun way to spend the afternoon. We creeped along until we entered the tunnel then entered Manhattan. After that was progressed fairly easily to the Midtown tunnel and exited there to find the Long Island Expressway stopped. Tha rain had also abated at this point sio that part of it was a plus.but it was very slow giong till we finally made it to the cross island parkway. From tehre it was fairly smooth for the last 45 miles.
   The earlier part of the day spent in Virginia (Lexington is where we started out from) was actually quite nice. Temps were pleasant and it was great riding with no one in our way as we buzzed Along. The skies didn't darken till after we were past Hershey by somne miles. We donned our rain gear and stayed that way the rest of the day.

All in all it was a great trip. The Barber Museum was fantastic, and a must see for anyone who rides. The backroads around Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee are amazing and beautiful, though I have to say I think Tennessee is my favorite out of them all. What I saw of North Carolina reminded me of what Long Island looks like with shopping malls highways, but I'm sure I didn;t see the best of it. Virginia is always very pretty.

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